JEE 2024 RESULTS 2017-2023 REPT.NEET-2024 CLASSROOM COACHING-3 rd PHASE BATCHES- 20/7/2023, 17/8/2023,7/9/2023,14/9/2023. 4 th PHASE BATCHES AFTER COUSELLING REPT.NEET-2024 LIVE ONLINE BATCHES REPT.NEET-2024 RECORDED VERSION AS PER THE MAIN STREAM DAILY SCHEDULE. Non NRI -Regular Tuition cum NEET Entrance 2024-2026 (for Students joining in XI). Non NRI -Regular Tuition cum JEE (MAIN & ADVANCED), KEAM & CUSAT Entrance 2024-2026(for Students joining in XI). NRI -Regular Tuition cum NEET Entrance 2024-2026 (for Students joining in XI) NRI -Regular Tuition cum JEE (MAIN & ADVANCED), KEAM & CUSAT Entrance 2024-2026(for Students joining in XI). REVISION & TEST SERIES BATCHES FOR NEET -2024 ENTRANCE COMMENCES ON 22/1/2024 SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME FOR REPEATER 2024 CRASH NEET-2024| Immediately after 12th/+2 board Exam (Classroom Coaching) CRASH NEET-2024 Immediately after 12th/+2 board exam (Live Online) CRASH JEE/KEAM-2024| Immediately after 12th/+2 board Exam (Classroom Coaching) CRASH NEET- 2025(Classroom coaching) CRASH JEE/KEAM - 2025(Classroom coaching) CRASH NEET- 2025(Live Online) CRASH JEE/KEAM - 2025(Live Online) CRASH JEE/KEAM-2024 Immediately after 12th/+2 board exam(Live Online) ONLINE PAYMENT DETAILS FOR STUDENTS STAYING IN INDIA (NON NRI) APPLICATION FORM (FOR NON NRI STUDENTS) APPLICATION FORM FOR CLASSROOM COACHING CHAITHANYA CLASSES GLOBAL FOR NRI REPT.NEET-2024 LIVE ONLINE NRI BATCHES REPT.NEET-2024 RECORDED VERSION AS PER THE MAIN STREAM DAILY SCHEDULE FOR NRI STUDENTS CRASH NRI NEET-2024 CRASH NRI JEE MAIN/KEAM & CUSAT-2024 CRASH NRI NEET-2025 CRASH NRI JEE/KEAM -2025 COURSES-CLASSROOM/ONLINE APPLICATION FORM FOR NRI STUDENTS TALENT HUNT 2024 TALENT HUNT 2023-24 FOR CLASS V-X (100% SCHOLARSHIPS) 'ADVANCE' FOUNDATION COURSE REGISTRATION NEET MODEL OMR SAMPLE OMR SHEET FOR PRACTICE (NEW PATTERN) SUCCESS STORIES NEET 2023 Answer Key + Question Paper NEET 2022 PAPER DISCUSSION LIVE @ 6:30 PM ON 17-07-2022 NEET 2022 Answer Key + Question Paper NEET 2021 Answer Key + Question Paper NEET 2020 QUESTION PAPER H2 - VERSION NEET 2020 Answer Key H2 Version Merit Day 2017 Merit Day 2018 Merit Day 2019 NEET-2023 OUR TOPPERS NEET 2022 OUR TOPPERS NEET 2021 OUR TOPPERS OUR NEET 2020 TOPPERS OUR NEET 2020 TOPPERS FROM TAMIL NADU

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Embark on a journey of excellence with us.

We know better than anyone that you will have thousands of questions, worries, and queries and might even be tense about where and how to begin your preparations for the competitive entrance examinations. Finding the apt institute that nurtures your curiosities, answers every one of your questions and provides you with a comfortable environment to focus on what's important is the first step towards cracking your dreams. So why not enrol yourselves in the best entrance coaching centre in Kerala and elevate yourselves to the top? We follow a comprehensive teaching process that not only enriches every student with knowledge but also empowers them with precise guidance and mental support. We believe that every dream comes true if one puts in the right effort at the right time.

At PC Thomas Chaithanya Classes, they care about you and help you understand chapters and topics step by step. It's like having friends who make studying very easy. In this NEET entrance coaching center in Thrissur, the classes are a happy place where you can ask questions and learn without any worries. If you want to enjoy learning and do well in your studies, PC Thomas Chaithanya Classes are the place to be. And for your 2024 NEET exam preparation, this NEET Entrance Coaching Centre in Kerala can be your topmost choice.

Choose the path to your dreams

Welcome to our Hybrid Classrooms.

We are an entrance coaching centre in Thrissur, Kerala that has been transforming thousands of young minds into smart and dedicated professionals joyfully serving across the globe, for several decades. Well-experienced teaching faculty will help you to mould yourselves to excel in a field that you love.

PC Thomas Chaithanya Classes, known as the best entrance coaching center in Kerala is the finest place to learn! We have awesome teachers who make learning easy and fun. The classes are like a wonderful adventure where you discover new things every day. Whether you're learning about science, math, or anything else, PC Thomas Chaithanya Classes make it exciting! Join the best entrance coaching center in Thrissur for your exam preparation. Kerala has many top coaching centers that students like because they have great teachers and help you do well in exams. So, if you're looking for a good place to study for entrance exams, the top coaching centers in Kerala will never fail to meet your expectations.

Our course programs are organized in the following ways to suit everybody's requirements.

Classroom/ Live Online/ Recorded

Aspirants who have passed class XII can join the Repeater courses that cover the entire syllabi of NEET/JEE, ensuring that students have a strong foundation in all relevant subjects.

School Integrated Program

The School Integrated Entrance Coaching is specially designed to reduce the dual burden on the students. These classes will be handled by our faculties and faculties from the respective schools.

Crash Course

It is an intensive and focused program designed to provide comprehensive exam preparation in a relatively short period of time before the NEET/JEE examinations. These courses will have 2 phases

Foundation Course Programs

These courses aim to provide students with a strong foundation in the core subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, which are essential for the NEET, JEE, OLYMPIAD etc.


Helping you to crack your dreams, one step at a time

We are one of the oldest and topmost entrance coaching centres in India, which has been training students and helping them to achieve their true potential. We follow a methodology that is unique and different from that of the rest. Our focus is on bringing the best results by creating a comfortable environment for the students to learn, live, and enjoy every moment of the learning process. It is common to see students stressed about their entrance examinations. We start by training them to relieve stress and learn confidently.

Begin a journey of the best learning experience with Chaithanya Classes, the best entrance coaching center in Kerala. We take care of the confusion and concerns of students which helps them perform well in the competitive tests. We intend to offer now not just education however a supportive surroundings wherein you may thrive.

At PC Thomas Chaithanya Classes, situated in Thrissur, Kerala, we prioritize your understanding of topics as our concern. Our NEET entrance coaching centers in Kerala are designed to be a glad area wherein the study process is enjoyable and questions are endorsed. With our skilled teachers, we make learning smooth and amusing, ensuring you are nicely prepared for your 2024 NEET checks.

Choose the direction of your dreams with our Hybrid Classrooms. As the providers of the best JEE coaching in Kerala, we have been shaping younger minds for decades. Our skilled teachers are dedicated to helping you excel in your preferred area, making learning an interesting adventure each day.

Our coaching programs cater to numerous needs, whether or not you're a repeater, a school scholar in search of integration, or searching out a targeted crash course. At our best NEET coaching center in Kerala, We provide comprehensive education for NEET, JEE, and other competitive exams, ensuring complete coverage of center topics.

At Chaithanya Classes, we're now not simply supporting you with crack tests; we're nurturing your dreams one step at a time. Our specific technique focuses on developing surroundings where stress is relieved, self-belief is constructed, and each student is empowered to consider the opportunity in their goals coming real.

Join us at PC Thomas Chaithanya Classes, one of the top entrance coaching centers in Kerala, and let us guide you on your journey to your dreams.

  • There will also be interactive sessions wherein every thought is powered by the right piece of information
  • We empower our students with guidance and mental support to believe that every dream comes true if one puts in the right effort at the right time.

We have a legacy of excellent results for several decades

Giving dreams and aspirations a clear-cut direction

We are one of the pioneering entrance coaching centres in the country with an excellent track record of helping students realise their true potential. Our emphasis is on creating a bond between the students and the teaching faculty which, in turn, helps us to produce excellent results.

We are equipped with a team of outstanding and experienced teaching faculty that knows how to win the game of life and crack every examination. our teaching faculty's sincere effort made us the best entrance coaching centre in Thrissur, Kerala

Here are a few of our students who made us proud and are inspiring us to give our best every day.

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Chaitanya Classes : Our Entrance Courses- NEET, JEE, and KEAM

This best NEET coaching center in Kerala is like a guide to excellence, providing more than just academic help—it's about transforming how you learn.

Join our institution to get the best JEE coaching in Kerala, we help you to fulfill your dream with the right study method and strategies.

Memory power has a great role in achieving success in NEET and JEE exams, join the best entrance coaching in Kerala to ensure your rank.

With their 63-year legacy of success in the field of entrance coaching for JEE and NEET students, Chaithanya Classes has become the Best entrance coaching center in Kerala.

If you are someone who is going to appear for JEE 2024 and have no idea about exam preparation, check out these tips and tricks for your guidance.

Online learning has become very popular. This method of learning offers convenient learning and flexible timing, but it requires more discipline.

Time-constrained and disciplined mock tests can help you gain confidence to attend the actual exam with proper time management and speed.

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