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The JEE is a significant test for engineering college entry in India. It has two parts: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. If you do well in JEE Main, you can take JEE Advanced for a chance to get into top engineering colleges like the IITs. This is one of the toughest examinations, which means it takes serious preparation for one to crack the exam. In this case, taking coaching from an institution that provides the best JEE coaching in Kerala will have great benefits. In this blog, we will discuss some important factors, tips, and tricks to clear JEE. Keep reading to explore those tips and tricks.


Choose the right study materials

Pick the right books for your studies! Reference books are like treasure boxes; they have information on everything from easy to tricky questions. For JEE Maths, check out books like R.D. Sharma's Objective Mathematics or Dr. S.K. Algebra. Likewise, there are several books that are very good for reference. Ask your professors before choosing any guidance book. Top entrance coaching centers in Kerala can help students choose the right study materials for perfect and well-crafted study plans. Always stick to the syllabus, which is the road map to success.


Believe in yourself

It is always necessary to stay positive and keep the goals in mind. Listen to whatever motivates you. Avoid negative people and negative comments. Try to only interact with people who support your studies during the preparation. Do not lose hope in any situation. Eat well, exercise daily, and cut down on entertainment time. Do not get tensed or worried; stay relaxed. Learn the basics and follow a good plan to succeed in JEE Main and Advanced. Create a personalized plan using the tips above. Stick to your plan, and you'll surely get into your dream college.

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JEE's previous year's questions

Practicing old JEE question papers is like training for the big game. It helps you understand the different types of questions and how they're scored. Luckily, you can find these old questions and their answers online. So, take advantage of these resources and practice a lot. This practice session will help you get familiar with the exam pattern and also make you quicker at solving problems. And speed is another important thing. When you have maths and physics in your syllabus, you have to be careful with the time that you take to solve one question. Only by practicing previous questions, you can do an analysis of your speed. By constant practice, one can increase the speed and attend to the whole question with confidence.


Cover NCERT maximum

Start with NCERT books for the JEE exam; they're like the foundation. These books cover important concepts, and 60-70% of the JEE Main paper comes from them. So, understanding NCERT well is key for JEE preparation. Once you finish these books, you can move on to other study materials. It's like building a strong base before exploring more.

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Revise as much as possible

Revise a lot because the JEE syllabus is huge. Regularly going over what you've learned helps you remember it better. It makes your understanding of the subject stronger. This routine keeps you from forgetting important JEE topics. Every two weeks, review important topics you studied before. If you want to pass JEE Main the first time, practice with past papers, find your weak spots and revise regularly.


Start preparation with a positive mind, which helps you understand and learn things without any worries. Don't just memorize; try solving questions in different ways. For effective revision, spend 2-3 hours after each chapter and practice questions from reference books. Manage your time wisely, using tools like Google Calendar. During mock tests, review your performance for 6-7 hours, identifying weak areas to improve. Develop a strategic approach in exams, starting with easier questions. Once you're solid with NCERT books, move to reference books, designed by experts for JEE preparation. They cover basic to advanced questions by enhancing your understanding through practice.

Posted On : 01-12-2023

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