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Chaithanya classes have been maintaining a legacy of excellence for years. We help aspirants meet excellence. Our leading coaching institutes in Kerala concentrate on shaping minds to prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Chaithanya has reached so far in giving guidance and support to the students to gain the highest ranking in the entrance examinations. This institution has been serving students in the right direction by leaving an incredible mark on the educational industry. Let's check out the successful journey of Chaithanya to analyze the growth of our institution as the best entrance coaching center in Kerala, which stayed consistent in giving quality education.

Personalized attention and exceptional guidance

At Chaithanya Classes, we analyze and understand each student's strong and weak points, to guide them to improve in their learning practice.  We keep our batch size small to ensure each student gets personal attention and care from our highly qualified faculties. Our mentors are experts in their respective fields and can provide the right guidance for students to perform their best in JEE and NEET examinations.


Our commitment to excellence

We have a clear vision to lead an entrance coaching center that can consistently give the best entrance coaching in Kerala. This learning platform not only helps students gain academic knowledge but also helps to encourage their talents, creative thinking, and confidence. Our personalized guidance inspires students to use their full potential during their preparation for competitive exams. This institution’s environment also gives students a nurturing atmosphere, which helps them stay motivated and inspired during their preparations for the exams.


Legacy of excellence: Prof. P. C. Thomas

Since 1960, Prof. P. C. Thomas, the founder and chairman of Prof. P. C. Thomas classes, has been serving as the mentor of students to shape their destinies. He has a different and unique teaching method which includes formation, transformation, and information. This method helped Chaithanya to reach heights. His committed approach to guiding students over 63 years, helped students fulfil their dream of becoming doctors, engineers, and committed professionals. We encourage students to have good moral values and spiritual lessons to become mentally and emotionally strong.


The unmatched student support

We make efforts to give personalized attention and care to each student. Special attention and care will give them a feeling that their efforts and hard work matter. Our facilities, like the hostel, library, and mess are specially designed for students to have a comfortable experience while studying. Experienced and knowledgeable teachers at our institution will guide students every step ahead. Our teaching method includes memory tips, strategies, and tips to gain concentration. Join Chaithanya Classes, not just because we are one of the top entrance coaching centers in Thrissur but also to gain knowledge and grow as a human being of good value.


Our Specialities: Beyond the Classroom


Library: We have a vast and fully equipped library, which helps students who may not be able to purchase books. The library has essential resources for IIT aspirants.

Hostel Facilities: Our comfortable and facilitated hostels ensure a secure and protected environment for both girls and boys. Other than our hostels, there are other private hostels nearby.

Scholarship Program: We support students by giving different scholarship programs to encourage and reward top scorers in both JEE and NEET.

Online Classes: Following current trends and the digital world, we offer online classes for both JEE and NEET aspirants. We also offer online mock tests and training.

Chaithanya classes not only provide entrance coaching but also help in your personal growth, and holistic development and give students individual attention. Our institution has a legacy of 63 years of growth and empowerment and we have evolved with the times. Our dedication helped us to attain consistency in growth and give quality education. We provide hostel facilities for both boys and girls, which helps them learn in a safe environment. We understand all the students may not be able to come to our institution; for those students, we offer online classes and tests. Join Chaithanya Classes, one of the top entrance coaching centers in Thrissur, for the perfect learning experience.

Posted On : 28-12-2023

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