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Bridge Course for 1st year

BRIDGE COURSE for 1st Year

This course is for those who have written the 10th std examination and waiting for the result. The course starts by the Ist week of April and ends by middle of May.  The exact dates will be announced at the time of joining. The timing is from 9 am to 12 noon & 1 pm to 4 pm.  This class has several advantages:

  1. After the SSLC examination the students get about 3 months before they join the next course.  During this time the students engage themselves in multifarious activities which have negative effect on their future studies.  They never exert their mind on studies.  The effect is that they fall into a lethargic mood and are not able to restart their studies when the schools reopen for the 11th standard.  Most of them find it difficult to work as hard as they were working upto SSLC examination.  This is the reason why many top rankers of SSLC fail miserably at higher levels.  You might have seen the Diesel engine of a train working all the time when it halts at a station.  It is not switched off.  If switched off, it is difficult to restart.  This is the reason why the engine works throughout the halt at the station.  In a similar manner if a student discards his studies for 2 or 3 months continuously he will find it difficult to restart.  He must engage himself in some sort of useful studies.  The most useful study will be of his 11th standard  portions.
  2. During these 1½ months he can go through the entire first year portions rapidly. It gives him sufficient knowledge to follow his 11th standard portions easily in his/her school
  3. It gives the Malayalam medium students a chance to get an acquaintance with English medium instructions. It will help them to follow their English medium text books easily.
  4. It will also help the olympiad aspirants to get extra knowledge about important topics of 11th standard. They will have better chance of getting through the olympiad.
  5. The students attempting IIT, JIPMER, AIIMS examinations get a prelude to these examinations during this bridge course. 

The fee for the course is Rs.17000/- excluding GST. It includes about 250hrs of oral coaching and study materials for three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Mathematics. Outstation students must preferably stay in our hostel. Hostel fee for the course is Rs. 12000. Rs. 1000 will be deducted from the mess advance & caution deposit, if the student discontinues with out joining the hostel. 

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