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  1. Thecourse will cover 70 papers in Physics, 70 papers in Chemistry, 75 papers inBiology and 40 papers in Maths.
  2. The firstyear topics will be finished in the first year itself and the second yeartopics by December end. This is only an approximate indication of timeschedule.
  3. Vacationand Sunday batch students will have more than 100 examinations during the twoyears.
  4. Regularbatch students will have more than 100 examinations during the two years.
  5. Repeatersbatch students will have more than 200 examinations during one year.
  6. Theresult of each examination will be available in the website for one day.
  7. Therewill be continuous evaluation of the students.
  8. Thestudent is free to clear doubts, if any, regarding the topics discussed in theclass. If he/she is reluctant to ask the doubt in the class he/she can writeout the doubt and hand it over to the teacher or to the office. It will beanswered and given back.
  9. Parentscan get information regarding the performance of each student from the classteacher or from the office computer or website.
  10. Everyclass will have a teacher in-charge of each subject. The student and theguardian can be in personal and intimate contact with the class teachers.
  11. Those whodo not attend the examination sessions on a day are eligible to get thequestion papers and hints distributed on that day from the class room, the nextday.
  12. From Julyto March 100 question papers will be available in the website one after theother and the students have free access to it.
  13. Deservingstudents will get fee concession.
  14. Studentcounselling and Spiritual guidance by Prof. P. C. Thomas .

Prof. (Dr.) K.T. Johnson

CEO & Course Director 

Prof. Paul V. Panikulam 

Course Co-ordinator

Prof. P. C. Thomas 

Course Director

All the classes at Chaithanya are backed up by Prof. P.C.Thomas Classes with study material, examination papers, coaching system and man power.

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