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If you want admission, you have to register your name in the appropriate application form which is available free of cost. You cannot take away the application form. You have to fill it up and return it to the office then itself.
At the time of registration you will get a registration card indicating the batch, date of admission and what you have to do at the time of admission.

Registration begins as soon as the SSLC/CBSE/ISC marks are known.
Registration for Repeaters batch begins as soon as the entrance examination result is published.

1. For admission the parent or guardian should meet the Course Co-ordinator along with their ward. (For Vacation Batch, Correspondence and Correspondence cum Intensive Programme and for bridge batches the parent or guardian alone may meet the Course Co-ordinator and avail of the admission). On remitting the fee you will get

1) Fee receipt 2) The study modules 3) Hints to questions 4) Identity Card

2. Payment through DD only. DD in favour of Chaithanya Classes payable at Thrissur. Separate DD for each course is only accepted. The students joining for Engineering/Medical Entrance Coaching & Regular Tuition coaching programme should take 2 separate DD each for Rs. 30000 & 15000. Since receipt is to be made separately, compounding of the fee is not allowded.

3. Leave for all previously known reasons should be sanctioned earlier. To sanction a leave, the parent or guardian should submit the leave application through their ward. The concerned teacher in charge will mark the advance leave in the register and also in the mark cum identity card kept with their ward. Parent or guardian should observe and sign in the Mark cum Identity Card kept with their ward atleast once in a week for Regular/Repeaters and once in every month for Sunday batch student. The date of absence of the student and the marks obtained in the OMR examinations will be intimated to the parents periodically through SMS.

4. Changes in the course programme if any will be announced in the institution or will be published in the notice board from time to time. It is the duty of each student to follow the instruction properly.

5. The timings given are only approximate. Necessary changes will be made as and when required.

6. Success in entrance examination depends on many things. The coaching you get from the coaching centre is very important. But your preparation to digest what is given in the class and to reproduce it at the time of examination, your mental disposition in the examination hall, your speed, your power of grasping, the number of seats available for each subject etc. are also important. Hence securing a seat for entrance coaching does not by itself ensure a seat in the Professional College.

7. Each student should submit the application form for various entrance examination personaly.

8. Each student should clarify the eligibilty conditions for entrance examinations for which they apply, from the authorities of the various examination board, before joining for the entrance coaching.

9. Students should prepare response sheets in the Exercise book in advance.

10. At the time of admission a photostat copy of SSLC or equivalent marklist and 2 copies of the stamp size photo should be submitted.

11. Admission to the class room is restricted by the Identity Card supplied.

12. The correspondence course student will be sent all the question papers except that is provided in the last 7 days of the course. The institution will not be responsible for any postal misplacement / technical error of the material sent to the student.

13. On matters regarding discipline the decision of the management is final.

14. The regular follow up of the parent is a must. Each parent/guardian should meet the Course Co-ordinator and teachers at least once in every month.
Visiting Schedule for parents:-
Repeaters batches - Friday 12.00 noon
Sunday batches - Sundays 12.00 noon
Morning, Evening, Vacation & Gulf batches -4.00 pm (any day other than Sunday)
Remember parents should meet along with their ward and should also bring the mark cum identity card. Contact the office through phone on the previous day and book a time slot so that unnecessary delay may be avoided. The parents visit will be recorded in the register kept in the office and also marked in the ID card kept with the student.

15. The ranklist will be published in the website and also will be handed over to the student regularly. Student should enter their marks and rank in the mark cum identity card and parent/guardian should sign in the card regularly. The marks and the rank of the student will be intimated to the parents mobile number through SMS.

16. Students joining Correspondence Course & Correspondence cum Intensive Programme should send an email mentioning the name and roll number from their mail ID, immediately when the join for the course. This is to send question paper through email to the student. The student should answer the questions using the duplicate OMR issued with in the specified time and after receiving the key they should evaluate the answers and should enter the marks in the identity card provided.

17. The name of the student will be rolled out if the student seems to be absent continuously for 5 days, without any written request.

18. Parents should go through all the instructions mentioned in the prospectus and if there is any doubt should clarify before joining the course.

All the classes at haithanya are backed up by Prof. P.C.Thomas Classes with study material, examination papers, coaching system and man power.

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